Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

Occasionally problem sets are due on the day of an exam.I’m so sorry! :(

Since problem sets are technically not due until midnight, and exams are done in class, this means those problem sets will be due after the exam. However, the problem sets are designed to help you with the exams, so it’s probably wise to do them before midnight on those days.

Working with data Reading Assignment Class
September 6 (I & II) Data science, statistics, and public administration
September 13 (I & II) Data visualization
September 20 (I & II) Tidy data
September 27 Problem set 1
September 27 (I) Exam 1 (example questions)
September 27 (II) Data wrangling with the Tidyverse I
October 4 (I & II) Data wrangling with the Tidyverse II
October 11 Problem set 2
Modeling Reading Assignment Class
October 11 (I & II) Correlation and basic regression
October 18 (I & II) Multiple regression
October 25 Problem set 3
October 26 EMPA IMPACT Night (6:00–8:00 PM)
October 25 (I & II) Regression diagnostics and predictions
November 1 Problem set 4
November 1 (I) Exam 2 (example questions)
Inference Reading Assignment Class
November 1 (II) Sampling
November 8 (I & II) Bootstrapping and confidence intervals
November 15 (I & II) Hypothesis testing
November 15 Problem set 5
November 29 No class (in-class activity)
December 6 Problem set 6
December 6 (I & II; I) Inference and regression + science communication
Communication & beyond Reading Assignment Class
December 7 Code-through due (this is a Friday)
December 13 Exam 3 (take-home) (example questions)
December 13 (I & II) Wrapping up and going beyond the basics
Final Reading Assignment Class
December 19 Final project due (submit online by 11:59 PM)